Fly Emirates

hey :)

Yesterday I did a groupflight with @MJP_27 and @Ecoops123. We did OMDB-LFMN.

Flight details

route: Dubai-Nice Côte d’Azur
plane: Emirates a380


Holding short runway 30L

2 moonshots, 1 from takeoff and the other from turning NAV on too late

Thanks for viewing, and I hope to see you in the skies🛫

Enjoy your day😃


Niceee photos.

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Thanks mate :)

Nice shots!

I’m not a fan of the A380 in IF, but it’s so clean wit the Emirates livery

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Its fun to fly sometimes :), but yeah… it needs a rework

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Nice Photos! Thanks for joining me on that groupflight!

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Thanks mate😃, was nice flying with ya

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