Fly Emirates Virtual Official Thread 2020 | Fly Emirates, Fly Better | Project Aurora Announcement

Yes you will have to re-apply.

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Ok thank you!

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Just a quick disclaimer for the community if this wasn’t made clear. Our applications will only be open till December 8th at the latest. We only accept 30 pilots a month to train them we will open the applications back up at the beginning of the next month. If you were contemplating about joining, we have about 16 spots left so join while you can or you’ll have to wait till January 1st.


20 Pilots Already Applied

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QVG + EKVA - Two of Infinite Flight’s best Virtual Airlines, working together

Fly Emirates Virtual is always looking for ways to improve the experience for our pilots.

Today we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Qantas Virtual Group, creating many new codeshare routes. Fly Emirates Virtual Pilots are able to fly to over 20+ new destinations with Qantas. This partnership opens up many new locations in Europe for our pilots.

Emirates Virtual Pilots will be able to fly many Qantas Group routes in Australia, allowing more people to experience our unique landscape.

We look forward to an exciting new chapter for our pilots.


Glad to have QVG partnered with Emirates Virtual.


Fly Emirates Virtual is partnered with the newly IFVARB approved Spicejet Virtual. This partnership lets us expand our network in the Indian country and this partnership is very valuable to us. We are Spicejet’s first codeshare and we are proud to be partnering with them!


Just submitted the application hope to be one of the few selected to be apart of this VA!


Hello Infinite Flight Community! With the new IFVARB policy release, we have lost almost all of our staff positions! We need staff pronto. If you would like to apply, we need professional pilots who are willing to commit to our VA. All of our staff positions except Chief Pilot are open! Please come and join our VA! We need you. Here is the link, applications will be open until January 1st (hopefully ;)


The A350 will be a very nice addition to this VA!


Nice thread, wish u all the best :)


@MJL_Productions and @Fly_Emirates_Virtual, good luck!

By the way, let the rest of your staff know about the big scale event!

(Everyone else: SHH…!! You didn’t hear anything)


Did some thread renovations, what do you guys think? Does it make you wanna join even more than it did before?


Yep! Definitely!

Unfortunately, I can’t join right now due to many reasons


Happy new years everybody! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season! We have a few updates from the Staff team at EKVA.

Welcome to Project Aurora. Fly Emirates Virtual is the first VA to do test/research flights to select destinations. We will be doing testing the distance on our A350-900 and we see just how far we can go from our headquarters in Dubai! Many of these destinations will be in South America, Carribean, New Zealand, and the Oceania region. We will start our test flights soon as these flights have been carefully planned and executed.

Our staff team is now dubbed “Board of Administrators”. We will now be operating more as a team and operating the VA together. Just like a well oiled machine. 2020 will be our first full year in operation and we have so many things in store for EKVA and the Community. Apply for the VA above.

Please do not forget to sign up for our first event in the IFC! We greatly appreciate your attendance.


very nice! Hope that EKVA will have an amazing 2020!

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Double 20 is a good year to rise and shines. Congratulations!



There are MANY staff vacancies which include our Recruiting Department, Our training department, our Events team, and our utility department. If you would like to fill these vacancies, please visit our website here and look for staff positions.