Fly Emirates Virtual Official Thread 2020 | Fly Emirates, Fly Better | New Thai Group Virtual Partnership!

Just applied, hopefully I passed the test 🤞🏻

Any update on the website coming back online?

We have a new website:

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I’ve applied hopefully i passed:)

how can i know if i failed the test or not?

Just Applied!

Hope I make it

i didn’t get any news if i failed or passed what happened

I have applied to be a crew member. Fingers crossed I get the opportunity to fly with this VA!

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You typed the username incorrectly so I couldn’t find you.

my if community username?

let me re-apply then

it’s closed?

I apologize for the confusion, but today our virtual airline has introduced a new type rating system, so it is no longer possible to apply. As soon as our current members are taken care of, there will be the opportunity to apply again. This will be announced here.
Thank you for your understanding!

Is this VA open or has it been shut down or closed?

Applications will be opened momentarily.

Is there a large exam?

Not large necessarily.

Cool. Am I allowed to be apart of 2 va’s

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Or is that forbidden in this va?

Just as long as you meet our activity requirments, doesn’t matter.