Fly Delta Jets 3D Object Request

Hello all! I have thought of a cool thing that is at Atlanta in real life, but is not at 3D Atlanta airport. It’s the Fly Delta Jets sign located in between runways 27R and 26L west of concourse F. If you think this is cool and should be added, please vote. I’ll leave picture below! :)

ATL honestly does not feel like ATL without this greeting me on the climb out from the 27s. Get a vote in for this!


Glad you agree! Hopefully you can maybe free up a vote and vote for this and hope that it can be added soon! :)

I hope they consider this with LGB. Fly DC Jets. I’ll free a vote for this one.

This would be cool!

Yes! We need this! I flew into KATL last year, and that was the first thing I saw as we taxied over to our gate!

Thanks for the bump