Fly-by-Wire Question

I was wondering, can you use Fly-by-Wire with out using the yoke/joystick controls? (Since I want to use my joystick) All I want is to use the buttons. Is this even a possibility?

You sure can! When setting up Fly-by-Wire, you manually assign movements to the control axes (e.g. pushing forward to pitch down). If you skip this step your motion inputs won’t be sent to Infinite Flight, but as long as Fly-by-Wire is connected you’ll be able to use the buttons.

I guess I’m still confused. Well I’m using LiveFlight connect and it seems like the controls defaults to Fly-by-Wire. And I can’t seem to change it. What do you think?

Hmm. What do you mean by Fly-by-Wire?

The controls in infinite flight default to the Fly-by-Wire iPhone gyroscope.

Ah. I maintain an add-on app for Infinite Flight by the same name, which is what I thought you were referring to.

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Yes this is what I am referring too. I don’t think you understand my question. Is it possible to use Fly-by-Wire and an external joystick such as the Logitech extreme 3D pro? My overall goal is to be able to use Infinite flight without touching my iPad’s screen. So by using the ATC, engine, flaps, auto pilot, buttons this will make it possible and that is my question. Thank you!!

Oh, yes you can do that.

I guess I still don’t understand. If I’m understanding this correctly, if you don’t click calibrate the controls won’t be sent to IF?

When setting up Fly-by-Wire with Infinite Flight, there’s a step where you manually assign axes of motion of your FbW device to motions of the flight controls. If you skip this step (i.e. only press connect on FbW and then only use its buttons) then FbW won’t send control inputs to Infinite Flight. The buttons on Fly-by-Wire will work, but the motion controls will have no effect.

Ok, I think I understand now. Thank You!

So it seems that I’m not doing something right. No matter what I do Fly-by-Wire is controlling IF.

Can you be more specific? What’s it controlling?

Pitch, Roll, and Yaw. As well as, the throttle if I move the slider on the left side of the screen in fly-by-wire.

In Infinite Flight, go to Settings > Controls > Restore Defaults. This will undo pitch and roll, as well as throttle and rudder.

You can set throttle and rudder again if you like.

This is what I did. And the second I click use network joystick it automatically goes to the fly-by-wire controls.

I see. When you click “use network joystick”, you want Infinite Flight to set up with LiveFlight Connect and your physical joystick?

Yes. I don’t want fly-by-wire to do anything except act like a ‘control panel’. I don’t want it to control the aircrafts movements.

Gotcha. Here’s what I would do:

  • Restart both apps
  • Open Infinite Flight and connect your joystick, setting it up so it controls the correct flight controls.
  • Open Fly-by-Wire and press “Reconnect”.

This should let Infinite Flight receive from LiveFlight Connect as the network joystick, while also receiving non-joystick commands from Fly-by-Wire.

I’ll go try that. THANK YOU!!!