fly by wire logics

Hi scientists, I have played this simulator for a while, and honestly I like it, especially the ground effect part. I have paid a lot of attention to the differences in between a Boeing 787 and an Airbus 320, the handling is quite different between these two planes. Are there any fly-by-wire(FBW) logics programmed in?

I don’t have any questions on the Boeing side since their FBW logic is quite close to a normal mechanic controlling style. However, on the Airbus side, it seems that the side-stick commanding logic is not there: For example, when I pitch the aircraft to a AoA of 3 degrees, and release the controller to the “null” position, the attitude of the aircraft changes instead of keeping the status.

Are these logics there or going to be implemented? It can be fun if the airbuses can have these sort of logics. Please let me know if I can help.


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I don’t believe there is, but that will change with a third party app I’m working on;

That will be wonderful and I am exited to hear that! I am missing the good old days when using PMDG models… but they don’t do airbus though… please let me know when your app will be ready!

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