Fly Bondi 737

Flybondi 737-800

The airline…

FlyBondi is an argentinian low-cost airline based in El Palomar (SADP), Buenos Aires. The airline made its first flight on January, 2018 from Córdoba to Puerto Iguazú. During the first weeks of the airline it had some problems, on the inagural flight pilots made an emergency landing due to an engine failure (nobody was injured) and then on a flight to Bariloche (BRC) they denied carrying the luggage of 100 passengers and having to move the luggage by trucks. A few weeks later Flybondi suffered delays of more than 15 hours. The airline has a lot of domestic routes inside Argentina but it also flies to: Brasil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Why do I want this on IF

Between the last years, Flybondi became the third major airline in the argentinian market below Latam group & Aerolineas Argentinas. I think it is a good alternative for the Uruguayan (as me) and Argentinian community now that SA is on HD imagery, There are few South American airlines and the route network is limited so this would be a great option.


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