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Welcome to Fly Bangor, Maine’s only VA

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Fly Bangor is here, and is here to stay. We are not just here to fly together, or to gain more experience in Infinite Flight. We’re here to encourage you and all IF users to explore the lesser known airports around the world. For now, we will be starting in New England, but we want to expand beyond, see the world, see all the little known airports.

@hi15td started creating this VA before he became a TL2, knowing that he wanted a VA to focus on pilots flying to lesser known airports. As soon as he got TL2, he immediately went to work on getting the VA approved with the IFVARB. We finally entered the approval process on November 10th, 2018, and finally received approval on December 22nd. We were ready to go for the public launch on December 25th, Christmas Day.

Our staff team consists of 7 of members, covering all aspects of Infinite Flights, including ATC.

CEO: @hi15td
COO: @Rogelio
Director of Internal Affairs: @Will_Ford_Jr
Director of Recruitment: @Ben_Reed
Director of ATC: @Gabe_Z
Director of Pilot Training: @HadenJohnson
Director of Human Relations: @Kaj
Chief Pilot: @MLG_Man

Here at Fly Bangor we pride our selves in having a huge variety in our fleet and destinations. We operate aircraft from a lot of different companies, and of different types. We operate slow prop planes from Cessna and Bombardier, regional jets from Bombardier and Embrear, and other jets from both Airbus and Boeing. We also pride ourselves in having a variety of destinations for our pilots to fly towns from. From small towns in Maine, like Lincoln and Presque Isle, to large cities throughout the world such as London, Hong Kong, Rio de Janerio, and many more. Find more info on these on the fleet and destinations pages on our website.

Here at Fly Bangor, we are proud to offer a wide variety of activities for our pilots. We have just about everything, from ATC to short range props, from long haul flying to charter, and even cargo. We operate an extensive fleet, consisting of passenger and cargo variants of various aircraft. You can find our fleet and ranks on our website. We offer a crew center to keep track of our pilots flights, and a slack for communication between pilots, and for our pilots to coordinate group flights. We will be hosting events fairly frequently, because what’s a community without events?

Like what you see? Want to explore? Fly Bangor might just be the right VA for you, APPLY TODAY!


Thread created by @hi15td, images created by @MLG_Man, @Will_Ford_Jr & @hi15td, and inspiration for this thread came from the @AmericanVirtual VA thread.


Congratulations and welcome to the IFC!


Welcome to the IFC! Nice looking thread!

Your hard work shows! :)


Nice thread!


This is a great va.


i took the what we offer picture too.


Well, it finally came, I have been working on this VA for the longest time, I got finally approved back on the 22nd but chose to go public on Christmas day, because why not. On a side note, expect our inaugural event to be posted around the 31st.


You know, here at Fly Bangor, we want to encourage our pilots to fly together, that is kind of difficult when we have o pilots, so JOIN TODAY!


Im glad to be apart of this devolping and awesome VA


VA update, we are proud to announce the hiring of our director of recruitment, welcome @Ben_Reed


I am also proud to be a staff member of this really nice VA


I am also proud to be staff of this great VA


Look forward to this VA!


We havent had recent applications.Go apply if you want to join Fly Bangor.Leta get Fly Bangor back in the mix of things


Our second event

^Here is our second event.We will be taking a short flight from KBGR-KJFK.We decided since BGR is featured on Wednesday we should host our second event.Come join and show Bangor intl some love!

More details in the event post


Oohhh! Any more events?

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We do not have one planned right now , but we are looking to host another ond in the future.
-HR Manager


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