Fly_Aviation_95’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ SAWH

Airport: SAWH


Frenquencies: Ground/Tower

Information: Pattern Work, and departures and coming back

I’ll go there.


Hey there! I was there as Volotea 07. Nice to see you!

I would recommend you to:

  • For pattern work, if there’s no traffic, I would clear for the option earlier, so the aircraft doesn’t need to extend downwind unnecessarily.

  • Also, every time you give pattern instructions, remember to clear the aircraft to land/option. I had to go around because you didn’t cleared me. (correct me if I’m wrong about this)

For the rest, I think it was all okay, but I’m sure other people with more experience and knowledge can guide you better! ;)


Thanks for the patterns. I couldn’t stay long. And I would like to share feedback later.

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Thank you for attending and for your feedback I really appreciate it. The times I didn’t clear you I was either doing something or I was unsure until I think you might have left and I realize that I needed to clear you guys for landing because you didn’t know whether or not I was going to except you so I will do better next time.

Thank you for attending and I really enjoy doing patterns with you guys. I would like hear your feedback.:)

Here is my feedback. All times displayed below correspond to your ATC replay so you can review your replay with feedback on where you can improve:

22:44:03 - Transition altitude for SPJC was low (2000 ft). Remember to calculate the transition for each airport you open. For SPJC that has an elevation of 113 ft calculate like this:

airport elevation 113 ft + 1500 ft for pattern altitude + 1000 ft for vertical separation = 2613 ft, round this up to the next 500 ft = 3000 ft for perfect transition altitude for SPJC.

22:45:52 - When WHAV (me) called inbound for touch and go, the first instruction you should send should be a pattern entry (enter right downwind runway 15) before clearance.

Take a look at the new ATC Guide where you will find a short video tutorial about it:

22:49:49 - I called inbound for touch and go and you cleared me to land. Should have cleared me for the option and included a traffic direction in the first clearance (make right/left traffic). I reported on final touch and go and you cleared me correctly this time using clear for the option, after the option make right traffic.

22:51:53 and 22:54:17 - There is no need to send pattern entries to me when I am entering on the base or final leg of the pattern.

22:55:32 - I tried to warn you that I haven’t been cleared for the option in my second pattern yet for reporting position. I didn’t get a clearance so I had to go around (22:56:22). Try to send clearances earlier on the downwind.

22:57:45 - Remember that the first instruction you send to the inbound aircraft is a pattern entry. You should have told SPCL to enter left base runway 15 and sequence it as number 2 behind WHAV on right downwind before clearance for the option.

22:59:02 and 22:59:56 - Use pattern entries only for aircraft calling inbound or requesting a runway change.

23:01:13 - Very nice exit runway command. Well done.

Thanks for allowing patterns in SPJC. It’s the first time I fly there with 3D buildings and it’s beautiful ;)

I hope you improve on these points listed above. Ask if you have any questions and we can help.


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Things I will improve on tomorrow are the following.

  • Clearing aircrafts earlier on before it’s too late.

  • when transitioning will remember to add up everything and not forget to round up 500.

*I’ll remember to sequence aircraft’s to follow each other when that occurs.

I’ll Remember to look back and see and refresh before I begin my practice

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Looking forward to the next opportunity to fly when you open


Hey how do I contact support because I email them yesterday and I don’t think did it right

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