Fly Atlantic Boeing 737-8 MAX


You can vote Either for the MAX or NEO here!

In Anticipation of the Boeing 737-8 MAX confirmation, I would like to introduce a livery that would be a great addition to the Boeing 737 MAX plane when it comes out

Fly Atlantic is an upcoming British low-cost carrier aiming to offer transatlantic flights to North America starting in 2025. It’s based at Belfast International Airport. It also plans to do short-haul flights in Europe. With the Boeing 737-8 Max confirmed this could be a good livery for the 737

I believe the Aircraft needs to be real before a feature request can be made for it

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Ohhhh ok, so do I close delete the topic?

You can probably just contact a moderator to close it so when the aircraft does exist, it can be reopened

Ok so I will wait a year