Fly at KPIT

KPIT is awesome, 4 runways capable of hand along large aircraft, and is close to DC, New York, Chicago, and has lots of small airports nearby. Sometimes it is fun to just fly down the river in a small Cessna or something of the sort, it is medium chalinging, and never gets boring. Pittsburgh is a super under rated airport, I rarely see other aircraft there, but more people really should fly there. The airport has a lot of domestic, and a few international flights, but its shining jewel is the 911 air reafuling wing(name is not related to the September 11 attacks it was a base long before that). So why doesn’t everyone go fly around KPIT and go see the point in downtown Pittsburgh directlyish east of the airport.


Probably can add that to this list instead


@Levet Hey look, the airport you are editing has finally been noticed 👀


Well thanks to everyone who worked to put my home airport in the game

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That’s the X-Plane file. Once I’m finished the updated version will look much better 😉


Love the 412… have a lot of family there.


Will there be more than 4 gates?😀

Absolutely. I have all of the gates complete, just finishing taxiway markings and a few shoulders. The updated airport will feature much more than the X-Plane file especially the USAF sections of the airport which are among my favorite as far as layout and design.


Tomorrow I am planning a flight from KPIT-KORD.

So the 911 airbase gates will be there?!?

Well not exactly gates but…

Kate what time? I may be there by random chance

Everything that is at the airport now in Real Life, will be included in the new Layout by @Levet (except buildings)


Most likely 11:30 am or 12:00 pm is when I will be there.

Oh well good flight I will be in school then

It is either that or around 5:30 am. Between 8 am and 11 am I have classes

I will check at 5:30 may see you there😀

It is a great airport! I often do touch & goes there.

I also fly there in real life, as I have family in Pittsburgh.


Do you actually fly airplanes to KPIT, or are you just on them?

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I’m just on them. I wish I could fly them though😔