Fly around the world on IF

What’s the aircraft that you recommend for flying around the world?

I want to choose an aircraft that can land on short runway easily.
Also fast.


It depends if you want to go with a GA or an airliner.

GA I recommend:

  • TBM930
  • Cessna citation

Airliners I recommend

  • A318
  • B737 BBJ

Good luck, and take photos if you will be going around the world!


The Cessna citation is your pick. It’s fast, agile, has a long range, and it can land on short airfields. Hope to see some pics from your journey!


I’m currently flying to Guam 🇬🇺
Thanks for your suggestion!

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Good luck and enjoy!

I have been round the world in a A320, then twice half the world in the TBM. Both are perfect, depends if you are in a hurry or not. I did short flights only with both of them due to my RL…
Enjoy your trip!

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I would love to do that trip one fine day! I think it’s only possible during vacation! But have a good flight!!

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I flew in Oceania! Hope you guys check this!