Please try B787-10 at RWY 35 spawn and you will fall to the earth…

Have you tried reproducing this?


This is usually caused by corrupt terrain files. The most common solution to this is to just restart the app and you should be good!

I just tried to spawn at RWY 36 @ LPFL with a 787-10 and it worked just fine. Not that I understand why you would bring such a large aircraft into such a tiny airport, but still :)


Yes, happend three times, now you can look at casual server I am still falling…

It’s is a corrupt terrain file. Re install the app.

First time here I was because I have crashed thanks to the AP disengage in flight. Then I spawn automatically there in next flight so I start there and finished in JFK. But then next flight was again from here, I do not know why and I was fall thrue the ground. I can test app restart, just give me five minutes.

So I restarted app but I cannot now select maximum weight because every time I respawn there I have only half the tanks not full like before. Somethink was wrong. :-)

Not quite following.
You select full fuel in the weight&balance settings? But it doesn’t have any effect?

When you spawn on a runway, the fuel tanks are set at 50% by default. The only way to change this is to move out of the runway into any ramp or parking space with park brakes on, as that is the only way you can change fuel while you’re in live servers.

Normally I have always same amount of fuel which I have finished last flight.

That is a matter of personal preference. Has your original issue of corrupt scenery files been resolved?

Looks that yes, another interesting issue is that engines are running. And second insteresting is that now I experienced inflight engines flameout! It is new for me and happened first time ever. Very interesting. You can see me on Casual just heading to UK to switch to Expert for some real flying with ATC.

Engines are at idle by default when you spawn on a runway.

We’re you out of fuel?

This is new for me that engines are running when I spawn on the RWY.

No, I have 46tons of fuel. I just left my AP to climb and do not stop it at right level so stall and steep decending and than I find that both engines are not running. You can see my flight track…

It is by design that the engines are started when spawning on the runway, regardless of the engine start default setting.

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Yes I understand but do not understand this both engines flameout.