Flugwerft Oberschleißheim (Germany)

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Here you will see some pics of an aircraft museum in Munich and I will explain you why I love fighter jets !

So the „Flugwerft Oberschleißheim“ is very known and if you spent your holidays I can really recommend you to go there ! ✈️

Some pics:

all pics taken by myself

So you see there are very awesome planes !

Why I like fighter jets ?

When I saw these fighter jets first I was some impressed because they were huge !!
Then I went to the Eurofighter Typhoon and saw this big turbines🔥
I imagined how they could look like when they fly and just imagine that heat and thrust!!!
It‘s just very very cool !
(maybe I will visit some real airshows like Oshkosh in the future 😆)
Then I saw how much technology there is in just one jet
You have to know: You are standing in front of an aircraft that can fly up to M 2.0
It‘s was unbelievable to see this and I will visit it again because these pics are a bit old !
Yep ! Hope you understand me 😂
This is why I am pushing military planes in IF

Hope you accept my opinion !
What‘s your opinion about this „Flugwerft“ and about fighter jets ? ✈️

If you have one choice: Which plane in these pics you would like to see in IF 😆


Hello! That sounds really cool - unfortunately, you’re only allowed to have 10 images, and you have 19.


Cool pics I’d love to see the Me262 or an f18 rework either would be amazing

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