Flugfelag Islands - Air Iceland Connect Bombardier Dash 8-Q400

Oh look, another feature request!

I’ve been taking a keen interest in aviation in different countries, Iceland had caught my eye with its unfair scenery (sadly being flat). What better way to promote Iceland with its short-haul network by requesting this? Why should this be in it? Well, it creates a large opportunity of flying domestically around Iceland with a quaint, simple and beautiful livery. It is a Subsidiary of the Icelandair Group which grants Icelandair a large monopoly on domestic flying here via Reykjavik’s domestic airport: BIRK. Not only does it open up routes around Iceland, but Greenland too flying to Kulusuk, Nuuk, Ilulissat, and the notorious Narsarsuaq. All done with just 1 extra livery.


TF-FXI’s operational history includes…

It was first delivered to Scandinavian Airlines in March of 2001 as LN-RDM
And was transferred to FlyBe as G-ECOV in 2008
Then it was given to Colgan Air as N33WQ in 2011
Before flying for Air Niugini in 2012 as P2-PXQ
And finally given to AIC in 2015.

About the Dash 8 family:

About Air Iceland Connect:

What do you think?

I love this aircraft, I saw them all the time on my trip to Iceland.

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That’s great! You must know Reykjavik isn’t everything about Iceland ;)

Great livery!

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And a great region to fly it :^)

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Yes! Haven’t flown around Iceland in a while

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I only flown in once from New Delhi with WOW Air. A defunct airline and an active airline on a negleceted aircraft doesn’t quite cut it I don’t think.

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This would be killer

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Absolutely, it would.

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Bumping this. It’s about time that Iceland gets a domestic airline :^)


Would look pretty nice if in game… 🤔

I’m very slowly gonna get better at this… lol. Registration is too small.


I absolutely love Iceland and the airlines that operate there, I could fly this from Reykjavik (no not Keflavik, Reykjavik City Airport) to Akureyri and not get bored, especially with the scenery of Iceland.

Got my Vote!

Just seeing this now with the Iceland FNF. This would be really cool!

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'bout time we get this beauty in!