Fluent Non English Communicators Needed

I am currently looking for a small group of individuals to assist in a small endeavor that will be given back to the community.


I am looking to map translations and create a localization for Infinite Flight. This will allow for smoother interactions with non English speaking pilots and controllers as well as provide a great resource for other developers looking to increase their value to the community by supporting other languages.

I am currently evaluating this need with a small amount of resources I have available to potentially provide some form of reward or compensation for the energy.

I understand many are without work and may be in need and I may be able to help facilitate some form of monetary compensation.

If you’re fluent in a language other than English, proficient in speaking, writing and reading please shoot me a PM:

  • Name or Attribution name your prefer
  • Age
  • Location / Timezone
  • Language you could provide translations for
  • Are you too a developer by chance?
  • Anything else you’re wishing to share.

I appreciate it in advance. Going to use some downtime with C19 to produce some value for the community.


Hey, nice project! Is it mainly translating documents you need? Like tutorials or actually developing an app that will be in several languages?

For translating, I suggest using deepl. It helps speed up the process. Like that you have a base to work with and then correct it/use better wording.

I guess I could do French no problem, help out if needed in Italian. Don’t know how much time I could dedicate though.

As much as they can help, translators won’t give you better results than a person using its mother language

1- Cyrus
2- 21
4- Persian, Azeri
5- Not a developer yet
6-I’m a very talented guy and love challenging myself. I would love to help.

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He asked for us to DM

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You mean online translating tools?
No, I never implied that. What I’m saying is to use them as a starting point. That’s something professional translators do as much as they can too. It speeds up the process an awful lot. In the end it’s still a human being doing the work, but some bits and pieces the computer can do no problem. Deepl also gives you different options of words which help

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Okay sorry mate.

Yes I meant translating tools.

@CyrusThePlane101 no need to be sorry lol

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I am beyond using tools and since this forum is full of like minded geeks; I opened it here. Thank you to all whom have messaged! I will respond very soon.

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