Fluctuating light

When you look around the aircraft using the third camera “Normal” the light fluctuates when you turn the camera.
Device: iPad Pro
See screenshots.


I see no difference between pictures.

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Here are better pictures @Sturmovik:
The normal collour of the ground:

And the bug collour of the ground wear @Jan_Polet talks about:

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There are differences.
But you can see it much better when you see it happening while turning the camera. You can see the fluctuations. The top picture is darker than the bottom one.


Yea i have posted some pictures

Maybe its the different position of the “sun”. If this is recent, I wasn’t able to notice it.

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I have this bug prity long a year or a half year

That’s not it. The light changes abruptly. That’s why I posted images from almost the same angle, at the exact spot where it happens.


It happend to me too.

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This happens even in the cockpit view sometimes.I never thought it was worth reporting.i just ignored it

Isn’t that just the glare of the sun on different angles? I think it’s more realistic. Not sure if that’s what you mean though

Thats what i also thought so i ignored it

No it was during fog. The light intensity just changes in certain angles.
It’s not an important bug, but it still is one.


When reporting these types of bugs remember to include graphics settings. You can either list them or take a screenshot and post it here.