FltPlan Go interface?

Foreword: Would be in features if I had the power.

Just out of curiosity, devs, have you looked into alternative apps’ (to ForeFlight) compatibilities? As much as I would use ForeFlight, I just don’t HAVE that kind of money… and yes, I work two jobs (one is part time), drive, pay rent, all that business, plus I’m a full time student. So getting another job is for the most part out of the question…

The app I have most in mind is FltPlan Go… been using it a lot to develop Navlog CSV files with SID/STAR info to import into Infinite Flight. It’s totally free yet does the same stuff as ForeFlight… wonderful route viewer and navlog generator as well with fuel loading, waypoint info, all that jazz. Anyone looking to interface that or some other (cheaper) EFB apps with IF? Thank you!


(I see this as a feature request) The reason you don’t have the “power” to post in features is because you are still a Basic user. Keep contributing to the forum and you’ll reach Member in no time.


It is kinda a Feature request, the mods will decide what to do. I heard a lot of people talking about ForeFlight, but I didn’t know what it was exactly. So I checked it out recently and yes, it is a bit pricey, but it have tons of stuff.

It’s nice… just wish I had a few hundred bucks laying around to use it…

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