FlowingGlint61's ATC Tracking Thread [Closed]

I’ll give you some feedback in a bit via pm. Btw I was Rouge 1

You were taking off there.

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Open @ KPBI SoFlo TS1

Is that a free region?

It is not, sorry they all turn green like the free ones when you download them. Regardless I just closed up shop. Good day! I will be open later today though so I’ll make sure it’s a free region and I’ll let you know when I open up.

Also here are a few pictures from the session.

Very good controlling! Nice awareness too! Now there is just one thing I noticed that could be improved upon. When you cleared the 738 for takeoff on runway 14, I was on final for 28L, now the reason I bring this up is because I was about to cross over the runway he was taking off on. This could have been “catastrophic”, as you can see in this picture…

If I was a bit slower there would’ve been a collision. Next time, wait until the aircraft on final is way past the runway there is a departure on. Thanks for the ATC!

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Thanks! Sorry about that I see what you mean; that could have been bad! A little lapse in awareness I guess.

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Tag me when it’s open again!

It’s ok lol, I’m still very impressed with your skills! Hopefully there are more people next time 👍🏻

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Will do. It will be another region just so you know!

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Ok great! I’ll hopefully be there

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@Matt737 Open @ KJFK, NY

Sorry for the short session. Now closed!

Open @ PHNL, Hawaii @Matt737

Attention all aircraft Honolulu Tower and Ground are closed, good day!

Open @ KSEA, Seattle @Matt737 @BluePanda900 @Subhaxs

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Good controlling!

  • Don’t clear me for takeoff before you know my intentions :). Otherwise I have to either A. Request departure or B. Request touch and go
    Other than that, you were great!
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Thanks for showing up! I had about a 20 min wait with no action! Thanks for the feedback!

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Closed! Thanks for coming!

Photos from today’s session: