FlowingGlint61's ATC Tracking Thread [Closed]

This will be my official tracking thread so feel free to drop by when I’m open. IFATC feedback only please.


Which server? We don’t know where to go if you don’t list the server

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Either will be TS1 or expert, and as Chicago isn’t open on expert and we don’t have tracking threads I’d say use common sense and say TS1


Sorry, forgot to list the server. TS1

Thanks to everyone who showed up the patterns were real fun to control! Here are a few photos from today’s session.


There I am, American 403. Real struggle with the A321, I’ve not flown it for a while, hence why I was on TS1. I got there in the end though, it’s just that there’s a very fine line between stalling on landing and beginning to climb again. I’ve figured it out now, though. Thanks for controlling, @FlowingGlint61.

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Open @ KGYY TS1 (Chicago, IL)

Chicago region tends to have problems with connection. In the future, I would recommend using different regions.

But I’m on my way

I’ll come down, and have a fly :)

Thanks! Will make sure it doesn’t happen!

Casual: Doesn’t have ATC
Expert: IFATC doesn’t announce via threads individual openings.

Leaving…TS…for all of these threads.


Moose I know I gave you some odd instructions when you requested taxi so sorry about that. I didn’t mean to.

I come. In my f18.
Call sign PAKARMY

Just give me 5 mins plz

Would you like your feedback from me posted here or in a pm? @FlowingGlint61

Either one is fine. My controlling was a little choppy sorry about that. I just took a final for school today so I’m little out of it.

I will pm you then. From what I just experienced, it seems you need quite a bit of work.

PM me for sure and I’ll explain what went on.

For all that flew with me this evening I’m very sorry for the quality of my controlling. I promise you this was just an off day for me and does not reflect my true controlling capabilities. Regardless here are some photos from today’s session.


That’s a nice photo of me. Was I taking off or landing?