Flow Control at KLAX on expert server.

Just waited for +40 mins at KLAX after being cleared to pushback. I’m confused as to the purpose of “flow control” on an airport with less than 20 aircraft on the ground and on average one arrival every 5 minutes. Could someone explain why the controllers decided to run the operation so slowly, with under 5 aircraft taxiing at any time? I went through 3 different ATIS informations waiting to get a taxi clearance, and 2 controller switches. 🙄


They were doing this to limit the amount of people going to SFO since that airport was swamped.


@JTPJTP please see the link above to understand ATIS command meanings.

That’s a typical Los Angeles for you


I was your controller.

The whole takeoff line of 7 planes was headed to SFO, and we were trying to limit the amount of people we had heading up there because it was really busy.

If you want faster service, there are always other airports that controllers would love to have you at :)


I never understand the fascination of hopping between two controlled airports with such a short flight time between them, when the net result is always big queues for the controllers to handle. You created your own problem here…


I was the controller this morning to at LAX people need to understand flow control. And need to understand that when everyone at the same airport has the same fpl they need to wait when the destination is filled up


yeah SFO was completely swamped - I saw several people ghosted because they didn’t understand the meaning of “airport is not excepting incoming arrivals at this time” - seeing that a lot (more than it should be - especially on Expert) - recently with more people flying…


This is interesting. I understand the concept of flow control, thought should it come at the cost to other flights?

I wonder is there another way to control flow into an actively controlled airport besides ghosting people? It seems kind of unfair to limit people from taking off out of KLAX because there are a few people with flight to SFO waiting to take off. Maybe the LAX controller could send them back to a parking gate? That would be a little more realistic. And allow other flights out.

I’d definitely like to hear other people’s opinions on this though! It’s intriguing.


When I controlled LAX today, I sent the SFO departures to one runway and used a rare LAX procedure (used in real life) to get the non-SFO departures to the other runway (25L).

In short, they got the express lane.


Sounds like today was a fun day for ATC at LAX and SFO to get a ton of ops.


They’re getting a ton of ops every day essentially, with often the most popular airport having in the vicinity of 300 people inbound for most of the day lmao


I gotta thank ATC for their hard work I flew in to both locations twice as AAVA1522 and GAT-23 and it was professional and flow control is a understandable thing with that amount of traffic

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