Florida, the Sunshine State

Recently, I held an event at St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport. Here are some replay screenshots from my flight and from the airport.

Time of Day: Current (Noon, October 12, 2019)
Server: Training
Aircraft: Allegiant A320
Airport: KPIE

Me and @Josh67 at KPIE.

@DanyyRude in his lovely FedEx MD-11.

Takeoff from Runway 36 with a fellow A320 in the background.


Flying over the greater Tampa area.

Rural Florida looks amazing!

That’s all for today. If you want to use these photos, please send me a PM.


Great pictures! Florida is a beautiful state indeed.


Nice shots!
Almost 20 years have gone since I visited Florida irl. Need to go back.


That was me in the background when you were taking off. I joined at the last minute.

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Oh, that explains everything.

I never knew the cargo door on the MD-11 freighter opened😳

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It does, and it really adds to the realism!