Florida Part II: Pensacola Fly-out

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@Prestoni @Random_avatitor @Olivia12 @Scot_McGough @deltaoutofdca @whyevenbothernaming @Delta174J @Jetblue1269

Sorry Can’t come anymore

No worries! I’ll get you off.

I’ll do a flight to ATL with Delta 757!

No Boeing 757s flying here last time I checked.

They have before, I’m from the area and I am 100% sure they do.

If you’re from the area, I’ll go ahead and trust with this one.

However, all Delta gates are taken. You can either convince one of the current gate holders (@Prestoni and @Random_avatitor) or I’ll queue you up for gate 4, so you can spawn in once the gate is free.

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Hey could I get Frontier A321 towards Cleveland?

Of course! Admission’s long closed, so please don’t expect any extra amenities, unfortunately.

It’s fine thank you tho

I would like a Gate 5 dest:Charlotte A320 American
I know that the assignments are already closed but to keep it in the record

Can’t attend. Sorry.

Thanks for understanding. You’re signed up.

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No worries.

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I’ll just spawn in when they pushed

im going to spawn now cause i have nothing else to do

Going to start pushback in 3 mins

I am ready for departure

Im also goona do 3 mins

Pushing now