Florida Breeze and Sunny Trees

I find that in all the newer streams Infinite Flight has done, there are two airports that just recently came out one being TPA (Tampa International) in 22.3 and the other being ATL (Hartsfield Jackson International) I believe back in 22.1. Those are two that I’d really love to see on a stream soon. I’d love to attend if it was streamed, it’s just I have school so a Saturday was my thought on if it does make a stream or even just a community event if no stream is done would be awesome.


Hello there!

Yes it would be awesome. Like take a look @A10f4ang’s event. He made an event when the IFATC team would be controlling at that airport. So maybe someone will make an event on Tampa or Atlanta. It really depends on when the IF ATC team will control that airport on that day! Im sure Tampa and Atlanta will be featured soon!