Florida beach spotting

I have been at the beach on vacation and while I was here I have seen many planes and helicopters.
I was only able to get a few quick photos of a V- 22 Osprey with my horrible iPhone 6 camera.

Sorry for the lack of photos. I just thought the Osprey was cool!


Nice photo! I’ve never seen an Osprey before.

mate I’m a 5S boi


Yeah! It was my first one I saw to. I really wish I saw it take off.

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I’ve seen that around North Carolina when I went there not to long ago like two weeks ago it hoverd rift over the beach and then took off

Where are you in FL?

I was at the Panama City beach.

OK I am in Orange Beach, AL and tomorrow I am flying to MCO via ATL (I know it it totally out of the way) on Delta.

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