Florida Air Show 2016 @ KRSW - 071800ZJUL16

Hello All, Welcome to the First Annual Florida Infinte Flight Airshow.

On the 7th Bring your finest Jets & Other Aircraft to Display at SouthWest Florida International. All aircraft is welcome and the bigger the variety the better! You may either stay static, fly by or perform around the airport with your airborne display. I will be needing assistance from any experienced air traffic controllers to manage inbound aircraft and prevent non display aircraft from entry. This event shall run until 2000Z allowing a few hours to display.

Should the event be a success with a large turnout, the Airshow may become an annual event practice.

Please Leave Comments below to help me organise this event, and any further ideas may also be welcomed!

Server: ATC Playground

Region: South Florida

Airport: KRSW

Time: 1800Z > 2000Z

Date: Thursday 7th July

NOTAM: During the allotted time to the Airshow, no commercial standard flights will be granted permission to land at the airport. Please keep the airspace clear to allow participants to display and follow the instructions of the air traffic controllers to ensure safe flight. Experienced Controllers are appreciated for controlling the skies. All aircraft welcome to attend and/or display. For Identification purposes if flying into the airport use the callsign [EA- (insert personal callsign here)] e.g. EA-SKY


I will not participate, because I do not have a subscription.
I wanted to ask a question - do you need to adjust events with moderators or can you just throw it out there?

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Hello, Sad to hear you can’t participate :( But as for adding this event I didn’t require Moderators to modify or review my post as I’ve met a certain level within the community which means I can post, however if a Moderator disapproves of this Event posting they could remove the post.

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Okay, got it.
I just thought that event makers need to adjust things like to get permission to use the airport for the event or prevent other planes coming in.

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I picked the Florida region mainly because it avoids confict with major traffic regions such as the California Region which handles 80+ flights on average. Thus meaning all Florida airports will generally already be empty and I made sure not to pick a main region airport such as Miami, Ft Lauderdale or Tampa for this reason.


😉 I never had a subscription, so I didn’t really experience what the people that have it do. I jave never bought in-app purchauses also. I really want it but I need to consult with my parents. 😞

Also good luck on the event!

A good trial option to get if you consider it and get permission is the Live 1 Month subscription. It’s cheaper and gives you access to some live features kinda letting you experience what it’s like but you dodge a few perks and the fees for purchasing a year.

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Well, yes, the monthly subscription is a good consideration for a trial, but having all the numbers calculated, for me, it looks like a super worse (not super worse but…) option. Plus you get the regions and aircraft. It might even be a better “covince the parents tool” 😂

Well that’s up to you ;) I’m onto my second year with Live+ and I love using it :)

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Okay! Good Luck on the event 😉!

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Hope I can get a turnout ;)

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I can air traffic control or be part of the air show!

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turnout? Sorry but an 11 year old from Lithuania with a good grade from English might not understand everything.

If you’d like to be an Air Traffic Controller that’d be great, even if you can’t for the full event runtime you could also participate with an Air Display or Static :)

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Turnout meaning, hopefully a good amount of people will participate in the event :)

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Is the event 2 hours long?

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1800Z > 0800Z it’s overnight but time varies on timezone, although regional time can be listed in the Infinite Flight App

It’s starts at 2 pm for me (EDT) so I am pretty sure I can ATC.

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Cool, Much Appreciated… Now we just have to grab some further paricipants

Okay, awesome! I have a feeling this is going to be an great event!

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