Flock of flights to the main hub [Expert server]

Typically, I choose to fly to underserved airports to explore new places. When there’s ATC, I usually go to airports with less traffic so the controllers have another plane to guide, and sometimes fly to the main hub for the traffic and the guarantee of ATC, which smaller airports don’t have.

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I usually fly to places I’m interested in, typically in accordance to my virtual airline, irrespective of ATC being there or not. ATC is nice, but I don’t need it most of the time.

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I’ll occasionally use the big controlled airports but only as departure locations. I never fly into one after what happened oone one FNF where I had flown a 757 9 hrs only to be denied entry into EGKK and ended up with a total flight time of 10.5hrs because I diverted to Manchester.

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I fully agree with you! That’s why what I am doing is when I select a flight from a HUB or a local airport I try to use a flight plan from FR24. I select a random aircraft and use that aircraft route to fly. For example last week when the ATC’s were active in Turkey. I flew from Kayseri to Istanbul to an other non-active ATC airport. So you can see more etc ˆˆ.

I encourage other pilots to do so!

As an example:EK73786 (B737). By just flying the route of this airplane. You already fly to other non-active ATC airports (e.g Moscow and Yerevan)

You have changed my mind on this all now LOL. I agree.

Generally, I don’t like busy airports for the following reasons

  1. Too much traffic

  2. I would definitely mess up the taxiing

  3. They’re all the same, go up Scotland, check out Kazhakstan, amazing scenery and great places to go!


Today for example I’d recommend going to LFLB. incredible airport with one of our best controllers working tower approach and ATIS. he’s been there for nearly 9 hours🤯! Go have fun and enjoy some unique radar patterns in a beautiful airport in the alps

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Got you! My problem is that I enjoy ATC but I only have a short daily bit of time for IF, so I tend to fly towards the busiest airport at the time to increase my chances to still have ATC when I land!
Of course, I would prefer ATC to be spread as much as possible.
What I dislike is when 10 or more planes following the same flight plan flock to the same airport at the same time! Their flightplan might be “real”, the effect is totally unrealistic!
My two cents of course…
Big thanks to all the controllers and fellow pilots!

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