Flock of birds strike Singapore A380 at JFK

Yesterday, a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 while on approach to JFK from FRA landed through a huge flock of birds. A runway inspection afterwards revealed there were more than 100 dead birds spread all over the 31L/22R runway intersection. More than 70 birds were ingested into the engines and came out in pieces…

However, there was no engine malfunction indication and the aircraft was able to fly back to Frankfurt in time without any single engine indication.

Rolls Royce made a masterpiece with the Trent 900 series.


Those poor birdies :(


Yep… KFC ready


Now that’s what I call powerful engines…just ripping right through birds like they’re nothing and coming out without a dent to show. (Whistles)


Imagine if those birds were endangered :O


Definitely great engineering


Poor plane :(

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Well the aircraft wasn’t damaged.

Maybe they are now the trent haas made a dent in their population


Is it me or there are plenty of birds around JFK? I’ve heard plenty of news about Bird Strikes around JFK

Pity SIA A388 + Birds. Hope both birds and planes are okay

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That’s a relief 😪

That’s an awful lot of birds into the engines! Bravo to RR! They must have been small birds! Good job, wouldn’t want anything large going into them…thinking miracle on the Hudson here (yes that was take off though)


Those poor birds but this one really cracked me up!

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Also Birmingham uk has problems with it. You can often see land rovers driving around getting rid of them

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Well, these engines are bird proof. This is incredible.

These may not be the exact birds that are sitting at JFK, but it’s the same species. A Starling.
It’s no wonder an A380 digested 80 or so of the poor little suckers. They didn’t stand a chance 😂

In related and more hilarious news, on the same day not 2 hours apart at the same airport, “Air traffic control audio indicates that a small bird struck the side of the aircraft (Airbus A320) upon landing.”

1 bird? 😂😂😂😂😂 He must have got ATC instructions mixed up and banked left instead of right


I’m not a bit worried about the plane it should be poor engines

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Looks like the Singapore crew will be serving roated birds for the next flight.


It’s the size of the bird that is more damaging to an engine rather than the quantity. Anything the size of a duck or large carries more mass. The higher the mass the harder the impact. It’s the force of the impact that cause damage to the fan blades.

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Correct, you’re better off ingesting 20 500g birds than 1 10KG bird.