Floating Point Bug Gone for Global

Almost 12 minutes in! Let’s go guys :) No more shaking!

Some great info from this podcast!


No, where did it say that? I just said, when global flight comes, it’ll be gone.

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Jason and Mark said they noticed it when flying the other night. Maybe?

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They mention that the next update will contain a 80% (I think) fix for the floating point bug. The rest of the 20% will be fixed when they release global flight.


Whoop whoop!


Finally! Thanks devs.!

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It didn’t sounds like they were 100% positive that it was gone…They said they would have to check that again.

Just go here :)

Just to clarify:

  • Floating point bug is fixed in our Global Flight branch. It wasn’t really fixed per say, since the global branch never really suffered from this to begin with. The coordinate system it entirely different.
  • The bug will still be there in the next update. We could fix it but there’s no point in wasting time on something that will be retired.

Aww man you just spoiled a bit of the podcast. I just started listening to it haha :)


You said “no point in wasting time on something that will be retired”
Does this mean that Global Flight will replace the current flying mode?


Global Flight version is maybe a second Infiniteflight

Maybe. But I doubt it since it wouldn’t make sense for FDS to create a second version of the app and split the community

I don’t think the current flying will be replaced. It will probably be a huge add-on to the game or as @grxninesix said that it will be a whole new app.
The community willl not be split in my opinion (if there will be a second app). It will be just a space reducer app but as I write this I have doubts that this would save space, because they would need to redownload the planes and so on. So it will possibly be an update to the actual app with no second version.

Because it can’t be 100% fixed in the next update, they might as well fully remove it when global comes.

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Most of my answers for Global except how are they going to make it so you can have your device off and keep you flying.

I mean
Maybe Laura works in two version

  • Actual IF version like We have with new updates’ things

  • copy/pasted a IF version and just make “global flight” new system here

Kind of. There’s a tool in software development called Git which allows you to work on multiple different versions (branches) of software at once :)

Just to clarify - it will be the same app. The ground model (i.e. rendering the earth) is what is being changed with a newer codebase. It’s not worth wasting time fixing floating point issues in this version if a new version will come and replace it shortly after.
It’s like buying an iPad: there’s not much point in buying the current model if the new one is being released soon after.


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