Floating plane?

Hmm. Does it look my plane is floating? Has been like this for the last 24 hours. When you pan the edges don’t look as smooth either.

I’m playing on iOS on an iPhone XS and haven’t changed any settings that I’m aware of.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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It seems more like a shadow bug
Maybe reinstall…

I really don’t know what will work

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Interesting problem …

You didn’t tell us what you’ve done so far to resolve this.

Did you close the app and re-start?
Did you reboot your mobile device?

I didn’t reboot the device but I did close the app (and all other apps)

It was during and after landing during connection issue…

Did the problem arise gradually or was it like this from the minute you spawned?

I get the feeling this may be a memory issue. I suggest you clear your scenery cache and reboot your device.

I just realized that my aircraft appears a bit elevated as well. The wheels don’t quite seem to touch the platform. But it’s only a little gap, and I don’t worry about it so much.

Could you upload a few more screenshots to illustrate the problem?

Thanks - will give it a go. It’s right from starting the app.

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Looking at my iPhone storage it says Infinite Flight is using 8gb

Clear the scenery cache via settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache

If that doesnt work, then I suggest a full reinstall of the app.

So a restart fixed it? All good now?

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Fixed. Thanks very much!