Floating gear?

Now, it looks like the gear on my a319 are floating above the runway even though I’m grounded! No other plane does this. I don’t know though if any other Airbus in the a320 family have this problem because I don’t have the a318/a320. I don’t know if this is a bug (known or not) or just a glitch on my device. Thanks guys! 😄


Let me know if you can see it.

Now, I’m not being a brat pointing out the tiniest thing that the devs should fix immediately, because I know they have so much more important things to do (GF). I appreciate that but I would just like the devs to take notice so they can eventually think about this. So please don’t say anything negative about this. Thanks.

This also could just be device so if so please let me know if there’s a fix.

Device: iPhone 6 iOS 10.0.1
Latest version of IF
Graphics on highest setting each and anti aliasing is on

So yeah let me know down below what you think.

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It’s a known issue.

Known issue, will not get fixed. Only thing i can recommend is that once you land just leave (kinda hard to taxi).

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Oh. Ok thanks.
‘Darn it!’ 😒
Famous last words on this topic!


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