Floating Gear Glitch


What is you Device?
Version of it?
Version of infinite flight?
That will help a lot thanks.

PS: It may be a replay bug ;)

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None of that is. Needed. It is a replay bug.

Fixed the title to make it more simple

1 The boeing 717 is in iPad and the Airbus 321 is on iphone 5s my version is ios 10 the version of IF is the latest, is not a replay bug, when i takeoff i see the gears like this and y use the replay to see it

Alrighty but just in case it is an issue with a a certain OS. Or something?

I’ve experienced that a few months ago so it can’t be.

Can You also give us some steps to recreate this glitch
That will be appreciated

It’s repeatedly Press “gear” or repeatedly press the replay button. One of the two.

honestly i dont know

I’m sorry but I wish I had it! Maybe @David can help you!

Just pm him.

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Just extend your gear and its back to normal.

this is so funny lmao

Just a question… why were you banking 90 degress to the right on the Air Tran 717

Same question here

Apparently it’s a known issue: