Floating Gear Glitch

You’ve heard of the floating point glitch, now we have the floating gear glitch ;) So I was just doing a thing where I stall and crash into the ground (don’t ask why) but anyway I noticed as I was watching the replay that there was a weird thing floating in the air. It was one of my gears! My gears weren’t down, and I decided to take some pics to show you guys. (Not sure whether to post it in General or Support, so I just put it in General. Feel free to change it if you think it belongs somewhere else.)

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Thanks for changing the title and category.

Trying to get a grip on your life like…


Hello Kyle!

What kind of device and device settings are you using?
Android or iPhone?

Please provide this type of information so we can help you more easily.


Device: iPad Air 2 (Apple obviously)
Settings: Everything on highest, except for limit frame rate which is on

This has happened to me also.
Restart your app and it should be gone.

This happened to me with the 757…just closed the app and the problem was solved.

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This is a known issue when using the replay feature, it has been reported before.

How to reproduce


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