Floating Days

I need a little clarification here, mainly from a normal user/flyer not really staff or Dev as such. Has anyone ever heard of “floating days” with respect to Grade standing? If you are a Grade 5 and you don’t fly for a certain period, have you been down graded to a four because the system says that you need “X” amount of landings to stay there at Grade 5. Have you not flown a few days and still maintain Grade 5. Other than penalty where you get down grade to Grade 3 and then wait 72hrs and you "automatically go back to grade 5,have you ever been down graded for anything else?


I move up and down between 5 and 4. Usually because I do not have enough landings in last 90 days. When this happens I usually do a few landings to get back to Lvl 5 et voila! Only problem is if you do 1 landing per day when 30 days clicks up you then have to do that ‘spurt’ of landings again to get back. It is a bit of a pain yes.



Certain stats state it has to be the last 90 days. So if you do 10 landings today, in 91 days those landings will fall off. This is a way to keep you active and keep the skills up.


@Chris_S ok both points are valid and i understand what you are saying here,however i’m still confused on time thing. I have been using the sim since 2012 and since the grade system was introduced. I would be sick for a week, or on vacation and still come back and be at Grade 5 for weeks/months…only time i get down graded is if i get a speed violation and i go down to Grade 3. So have i misunderstood or something? I have been flying & landing everyday .

It is when you make up a gap. Say you have been off for 1 week you now need 7 landings. You get them your now lvl 5. In 30 days since you made all 7 landings on a single day (previously - as catch up) you drop by 7 landings etc.

As long as you stay active you should be fine. You may do 20-30 landings a day which gives you a buffer to miss some time.it just depends on how many landings you do.

The violations are pretty straight forward.

Not exactly sure which you are concerned about. Staying the grade or dropping for violations?

as you said…then it makes it hard to catch up as said,just when you think you are safe,you really and truly are not, it makes me feel as if i’m being PUNKED.

Nah Chris…as you the violation thing is straight fwd. But i have been a grade 5 for a while…months…even with days off and still come back and i’m grade 5…all of a sudden out the blue,it’s telling me “not so fast Omari,you’re Grade 4”…so i say “like hell” go do the required amount and OVER as well…then no sooner am i promoted to Grade 5, it send me back to Grade 4 within 1 hr…and i’m like WTH…just when all is well…it’s not…


Share a screen shot of the stats when you are a 4. Depending on the time zone you are in you could be hitting the cutover in days. That’s happened to me before.

Level 4 is fine. Level 5 is overrated


I feel that 5 is kinda hard to keep, cool to have but I’m fine with bouncing between 4&5 .

Adulting gets in the way sometimes of the Sim so I get what the OP is saying about floating days.

i thought about that as well,but i fly in the morning and at night and for months never happened to me,this is why i raised this point…so i just wanted clarity and insight from normal flyers…

Ok Kilt,this one for sure you would have to explain why Grade 5 is Over-rated and Grade 4 is cool…cause i dont see many Grade 4 and actually not many Grade 5 either…lol…but this is new to me…I’m listening

Grades being what they are, a measure of time spent flying and landings, and not a measure of ability of willingness to listen to instructions or be considerate to the traffic around you, Grade 5 does ensure a perfect pilot.

Before you make the logical fallacy of a converse error in any response, this does not mean there aren’t good Grade 5 pilots. That’s a converse error. It simply means grade is not a guarantor of ability or consideration. There are a great deal of fantastic grade 5 pilots out there, I can run off some names…but there are some incredibly poor pilots who fly enough to reach Grade 5, obviously I won’t be rolling off those, either, but I could name plenty.

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Hi Omari. Reason is cause if you get set back to Level 4 it doesn’t matter. It’s all good. It’s just about having fun.

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@Tim_B @Gavrilo @Chris_S some good points raised and good advice on the topic…thanks much…appreciated

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