Floating cargo container at KJFK

Hey guys, I wanna report a small issue that I’ve encountered while parking at the gate in KJFK. I saw a floating cargo container in “Terminal 4A, Gate 05”. Hope you’ll guys see this small object in the air. I’ll give you the graphics settings:
Rendering Quality: Medium
3D Object Density: Medium
Rendering Resolution: Medium
Texture Quality: High
Anti-aliasing: Off
Frame rate limit: 30fps

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Try closing out of the app and relaunching it.

I’ll go ahead and give it a shot.

The container is supposed to be sitting on a pallet loader which has not appeared for you in the screenshot provided. This may be due to your 3D object density although I doubt it.

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There’s a cargo loader there on my end, but it’s still floating.

Able to reproduce.

iPhone SE 2020
Infinite Flight 21.06
iOS 15.2

Able to reproduce

iPad 8th Generation
Infinite Flight 21.06
IPadOS 14.8

I restarted the app, and spawned in. And it’s still there.

KPHX is the same way the difference is all the containers are floating

Have a lot of airports with floating containers, actually is almost in all airports

I starting a think this is not a bug or something

If folks are having issues with floating objects at a specific airport, please create a separate topic for that airport with proper documentation. Saying “I have floating object at an airport” does us no good to fix them and only keeps folks unhappy. Thank you!


Don’t take my word for it but I believe Its 3D object Density, I run mine on medium - low and all containers float, turning up 3D object Density to max adds in the luggage trailers.

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