Floating at FAOR

Hey guys, I noticed a little bit of an issue regarding FAOR and floating.

So I spawned at Johannesburg Int’l and I noticed that I was floating! I’m thinking that it was something to do with the elevation of the airport (5000 ft).


Not me

Your wheels look pretty on the ground to me.
You could try restarting then reinstalling if it might be corrumt terrain files.


You look like your on the ground…

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Now look

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I think that might just be the rendering. As Kevin said, just give it a quick reinstall and then try again.

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Sure, thanks for your help!

Never had that! Come from a Jo’burger.

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Okay so basically I’ve seen this before, it happens in another game of mine. Not such a big problem, but I’m very happen you showing Tambo some love. :)

This happens everywhere, nothing you can do.

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Except reinstall/restart.

That won’t help as it isn’t a glitch within the app.

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I’m surprised you spotted that glitch. I wouldn’t have noticed. As long as I’m not falling through the runway or missing my landing gear, I’m fine with with it. 🤷‍♂️


You honestly have to try to notice it sometimes. Admittedly, I have had instances where my aircraft was floating what seems to be 3 or 4 inches off the ground, but usually it fixes itself after a while.

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Yes! It happens within the game not just a one off. I believe it’s a glitch.

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Now, have you followed any of the steps I, and others, have asked you to try?

Yep, just checking out the airport

It still looks as if it’s floating! Weird.

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