Floating Aircraft (2016)

Spent about 50 minutes at KSAN recording a time lapse in Free Cam mode. After returned back to where my aircraft was parked, three aircraft around me where floating without gear. After logging off and immediately coming back, their gear returned back to normal.image
Version 16.06.0
iPhone 6s
iOS 10.0 Developer Beta 4

iOS 10 beta mode might have something to do with it, but I believe it’s the time I spent filming without moving


The future of aviation.


Oh. Makes more sense 😜

I can say this isn’t due to iOS Beta, because I don’t have it and this happens to me sometimes, too. This probably won’t be fixed until we can figure out how to reproduce, though. I’ve tried many times to reproduce but I can’t! Normally happens to me at busy airports, though.

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It happend to me when we were together in California, I have a picture with the free cam you were gearless 😂

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Post it or PM it to me!

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I went off the app so that’s why I’m assuming this happened but it was fine after I started pushback.

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As the devs say, fixing 1 thing brakes another

Several people reported this in the past. I think the answer was because your phone wasn’t able to render the landing gear due to performance issues. I think.

How long ago was that? This was a few hours ago

MaxSez: Another FDS miracle! Stuff happens. Chalk it up as an “anomaly”.

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Before this update.

😂😂😂😂 yes please

I have the beta and I have never experienced the gear issue

This has happened to me when I went off the app then came back. Everyone else had no gear but people who spawned in later still had gear. I’m on iPad Air 2 and iOS 10 beta 2.

Less Drag… Boeing will be phoning you up next week ;)

Oh. Great to hear. Hopefully they’re not removing the evidence. I’ll lock some up in a safe… Keep an eye out for Airbus’s too

Let’s not reports bugs when using a beta OS. If it happens after the iOS10 releases, then let’s see that report.