Floating above the runway

Just recently I’ve been having some trouble with floating while landing. Do you guys have any tips on how to fix this?

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Make sure that your speed on final approach is not too high :) does this happen with every aircraft?

Your speed must be at a suitable landing speed. With flaps deployed at high rates of speed while landing will generate a good amount of lift which will force you to float. If you are stable and at an appropriate speed you should be good! Be sure to also be on your glide slope with the information given. This will help approach your aircraft to the runway at a suitable altitude. Flaring too high will also result in a lot of lift which can lead to floats. Start gently pulling back at 20ft. There are also some other factors that play a role though depending on your flight.

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Typically, if you are below 10,000ft you must stay under 250 kts. When you’re on final approach, airplanes must me under 200 kts. Make sure you turn your flaps to a good level. I usually put them to about 75% down. Airplanes are built to fly, so when you land, the wings still want to keep flying. You have to lower the speed, and keep the flaps down enough to get your wheels on the ground. Your spoilers also help slow the plane as well. Hopefully this helps a bit.

There is something called ground effect. You VS might slow down without flaring at all. Watch your VS when flaring.

BTW you should go around if you float more than a third down the runway, or if you float too high.

Thanks guys

What speeds are you landing at because it varies depending on the aircraft.

Make sure you are at a suitable speed as said above and don’t flare too early


Speed is very critical. Just as other people mention before, the suitable landing speed is the key to a perfect flare.
However, different aircraft has different approach speed. The different payloads of the same aircraft can also lead to a different approach. Even the configuration can also cause different approach speed.
So If you really want to land well, you have to find out those speeds (internet/ask for help in IFC/etc.) and stick to this type of aircraft to cultivate your feeling.
Good luck&Have a nice flight.

Practice Practice Practice 👌

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I suffer from floatingus landingicus in X-plane unfortunately.
In IF, not so much. My tips:
Try coming in a little lower
Lower speed
You can always go around

Sometimes you just gotta put er down.


Good point, if there isn’t much runway left a go-around will be nessesary.

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