Today I am flying from KFLL to CYYZ. Pictures will be out between now and 48 hours from now.
I am flying an Air Canada Rouge A321 (new plane)
Flight Number: AC1631


Good flight!

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Great aircraft. I love A321’s!😉


Currently boarding

Maybe I’ll see you if the rainstorm goes away. I live in Orlando . If you have a chance, can you take a picture of Kennedy space center or Orlando?

I actually have a pic from the flight I took from YYZ-FLL, check that topic

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I am on a new plane!
Recently delivered to AC Rouge

Cabin Photos


No TV’s as it is Air Canada Rouge

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Only iPads.

Looks nice tho.

Yep only iPad showing about 10 movies lol.

The iPads cost like $15. Not worth it. I watched the guy infront of me and it was subpar.

Read reviews on skytrax here

Yeah a lot of reviews on skytrax say that lol

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I used to fly from KFLL-CYYZ Before Rouge existed. It was better than now. They had TV’s and nice seats.

Never ever fly long haul. Rouge is good for flights 4hrs or less.

Why do you want an IFE when you have IF? Unless its a 12hs flight.

I even remember the old flight number AC901. They stopped the service a long time ago

Those outlets are awesome