FLL Fly In

Hey‚ I was flying on a jetblue a320 from MTPP in Haiti to KFLL in Florida and I took some cool pictures.

Tell me which ones you liked the most thanks and Ill see you later!❤❤❤


Hey, I think changing “edit” to use #screenshots-and-videos Category only and isn’t general just fixed this topic, please. Thank you for understanding.

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O ok thanks this is my first time

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Hello, I have changed the topic to the correct catagory for you. If you could read the rules of the screenshot catagory and adjust your post to accommodate that be great.

Clear skies


You‘re welcome. Enjoy your time at IFC. Be careful with the read-in rules.

All of them are 🔥

Amazing shots!

Cool photos!

Beautiful! The new JetBlue livery is amazing!

I know right🤩

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