FLL -> CLO, October 27th 2023 Edition

Today @Butter575 hosted an event at Fort Lauderdale 🏝️🛥️ which was perfect for me since the day before I flew into FLL from Cali, Colombia 🇨🇴 in the real world and speaking of Cali, that’s the flight I’ll be doing part of this event you may know that I did this flight on Friday the 27th but if you’ve known me for a while, this route was ALSO from another FLL event hosted by @United403 back in April. As that was my 1st IFC event and I’ve learned so much more about events and making topics like these, it’s time for a remake, so here it is!

Flight Info

Origin: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Intl 🇺🇸 ( KFLL )
Destination: Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Intl 🇨🇴 ( SKCL )
Flight Time: 3:16
Airbus A320-200 ( Spirit Airlines )
Server: Expert

Thing seem a bit different don’t they? Well that’s because we aren’t at the same gate, we flew out of G5 and now we are at G12, the reason why we’re here is because G5 was reserved for Spirit Virtual and one person against a whole organization there’s NO way I’m winning so I’m just gonna use G12 and not complain. And also the picture itself looks different as were using a new style lmk what you think about it!

As I did get a window seat on that flight, I will try my best to recreate every shot I took on the IRL trip report in IF so here’s the view I tried to recreate, I think I did decently.

Took off from FLLs Runway 10R just like last time but this time however, we had an on time departure. But goodbye Fort Lauderdale 👋🏝️🛥️ off we go to Cali!

Up at FL370 once again on the memorable route down to CLO, but now the FL Keys are much more visible than before!

¡Hola Cuba! 🇨🇺👋

Greetings Jamaica! 🇯🇲

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Colombia! 🇨🇴

Fields are looking nice and green as we make that final turn for CLOs RWY 02!

TOUCHDOWN! Welcome back to Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport. Overall not only was the event fun, so was this flight! Yeah FLL sadly isn’t 3D yet and I’m not a big fan of flying the A320 family in IF but it was great flying from Florida 🏝️🍊 to CLO but not from Miami 🏝️😎 and you may not know this but CLO is technically NOT Cali’s airport. It’s Palmiras! Might as well say we’re flying down to Palmiras Aragon airport rather than Cali’s but whatever.

Welcome to CLO’s international terminal more specifically gate D18 just like last time but a skittle not a banana. And once again, passport control 🛂 wasn’t long and we were soon legally in Colombia 🇨🇴 glad you joined me on BOTH versions of this flight and if you known be long enough ALL THREE versions. Stay tuned for Friday the 17th we’re I fly a unique, only nonstop connection route by American Airlines and eventually Monday the 20th we’re I begin my next trip to Madrid, Spain 🇪🇸 and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


My FLL event <<< @Butter575 FLL event
Beautiful pictures 😍


I liked both tbh and thanks!

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Nice shots, glad you enjoyed the event. Shame you weren’t on the left side, I had a parallel departure lined up for you

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I saw it in the replay.