Flipped over on runway counts as acrobatic maneuvers

Just at Oceanside and my 172 flipped over on the runway with out crashing and it said that I would be ghosted! Glad I exited the game! Note…I’m not mad about this or complaining.


That happened to me also yesterday…lol


Usually happens when there’s high winds…but it isn’t any reason to get ghosted

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If you exceed a certain bank angle within the airports designated airspace, its considered and acrobatic maneuver. Flipping upside down would definitely exceed that angle.


You are blocking the runway then

If that’s the case Joe pointed then u will get a violation and not a ghost…be aware of the commands and norms pls

blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } I did not get ghosted

Look at the original post …u wrote ghosted…anywhay let’s not continue this silly debate

Idk if your staying a complaint, but I’m glad that it counts as aerobatic maneuvers. If you manage to flip a plane, you need the wakeup call to practice more before flying in live.

blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } I’m Grade 4 and there was a wind shear of 60 knots. I know how to land a plane

If you could stop pasting random CSS in your post that would be great


Sorry, I was replying by email

So you were landing in a tornado? 60 knots is a bit excessive. Also if the wind was that much, especially for a 172, you should have diverted to a different airport where the wind wasn’t so excessive.

The wind all sudden showed up

MaxSez: I don’t think so the winds where outside the 172 envelope plus the correct terminology is “Ground Loop” not Flipped! One Flips a cigarette butts and understands a crafts capability before they mount up! Me thinks you complain too much Aggie!


I said in the beginning on the topic that I’m not complaining about this, Just thought it was a goofy thing

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@AggieAirlines… Understood, “Not complaining”. Just trying to be helpful!
One should understand the capabilities of the craft one flys. In the real world iyour actions would have been classified a “Pilot Error”. Terminology is important with this audience as well it should be tech correct. There are snakes on this plane… Hissssss! Regards, Max

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Yep! You are right!

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