flightSmart‎: an aircraft calculator using community data

Probably not, although I may make a website version.


Please do! I would appreciate it, if you need any help then send a DM, glad to help if needed :)

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Oh wow. 100% downloading

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Hopefully a mobile version gets released

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Just noticed idk if it’s specific for a339 but in the fuel burn data for west it gives odd altitudes and for east it gives even altitudes which should be the other way around I think.

I dont see anything wrong there.

Where it says west the altitudes are odd like FL310 etc, but it should be even like FL300 etc.

On the recommended profiles part

Shouldve specified that at the start, I can now notice it.

Well sorry lol

Hey there,

I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, but I did take a peek at the post, and it looks like it’s working fine. Just wanted to extend a big thank you on behalf of the community. It’s a really cool tool for all of us.

I totally agree on this.
I dont know why, but I like this A LOT! (And havent even tried it out yet)

A webversion would definitely be much appreciated.
(I can imagen that not everybody, like me, have their pc or laptop running next to their mobile device with IF. So I think this would increase accessibility by a lot)

Again @darkeyes for putting in the effort for the IF community.

Oh also @darkeyes the 339 East is wrong it should start at 290

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I was coincidentally working on something VERY similar for the past month 😂 Guess I’m gonna throw that plan in the bin and use this instead.

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This looks really cool. Nice work!

no no, finish on it, we can see the differences.

This is really good, will you ever update it for fighter jets or GA aircraft?

Will fix these for next update. If anyone finds any more issues keep them coming.

I might. But I’m not sure if all of them have topics on their takeoff landing profiles/fuel burn. So I would have to get the data myself.

Thank you for the kind words everybody.

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Really cool!

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you should include trim as well! great calculator tho

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