flightSmart‎: an aircraft calculator using community data

(previously ‘Unofficial Infinite Aircraft Calculator’ )

While flying in IF I often use:

I don’t like to opening up multiple different tabs and find my aircraft and weight on each website every time I fly. I have been creating an app with all of this information easily accessible in one place.

This calculator takes an input of your aircraft type and load and provides all the basic information you need to perform your flight, as you can see below. All of the information and data is from the users mentioned above. The data isn’t perfectly accurate, it is simply intended to offer a basic guidance.


  • Departure: Takeoff Flaps, Power Setting, Rotation Speed(s) based on given weight
  • Arrival: Landing Flaps, Approach and Flare Speeds, based on given weight, and Flap Limitations
  • Fuel Burn: Appropriate Cruise Altitudes based on given weight, Recommend Step Climbs
  • Misc: Aircraft Ceiling, Normal Range, Cruise and MMO Speeds

I hope you all find this useful to use. I am planning on keeping this updated as Infinite Flight continue to update the sim and as community members continue to contribute data to the IFC.

Ok I am definitely checking this out!

Edit: Downloaded and will try it out when I land my flight in around an hour.


This sounds really cool.
I will definitely check this out when I get a chance.


Amazing project. Will def be trying it

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Yeah… I think I need help

Go to settings, privacy, and click allow anyway. Doubt it’s got malicious stuff


How cool! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Can I use the application on Windows?


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Instead of doubling clicking, right click on it and hit “Open”, then confirm on the next prompt.

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I got it working now!

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@darkeyes the landing speed for my flight was spot on!

Great job with this app!

Takeoff Speed and N1 setting for my next flight was also spot on - I’m thoroughly impressed :)


Hi, I found a bug. The 747-8 is listed as 749 instead of 748

this is so well made

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Thank you, I’m glad you find it useful!

I’ll fix this the next time I update it

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you can just type 748 yourself and it will still work

Well this would have been useful BEFORE I went through all the takeoff/landing guides and the fuel burn guides and made dedicated files for them lol.

This makes it much easier to keep track of all the important info I need for my flight. Usually I do mental maths to figure out the figures based on my weight after checking the guides lol.

Gonna try this out for my next flight and see how it goes


I’m enroute to KDFW, Deffo trying this for landing and for my next flight, I will add another reply once tested, looking forward to this!

Edit: I just realised it’s only for MAC or Windows :(

We need an IOS/ANDROID Version soon!


Can this be used on mobile?

Not at this time


Will it be available for mobile in the near future?

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