FlightSimExpo Infinite Flight Meetup

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! 🌴 🎰

This year, FlightSimExpo is happening in Las Vegas, Nevada and we’ll be there to hang out at the booth, announce an exciting new partnership, and have some fun!

As with most events, we’re hosting a community meetup again this year where drinks are on us. Since we always want to ensure our events are suitable for all ages, we’re doing something new this year and we’re hosting the meetup at our booth.


Infinite Flight Booth 320 at The Rio Las Vegas [Floor Plan]
Note: you must be registered for FlightSimExpo with Saturday access to attend the meetup.


The meetup will start when the show floor closes at 5 PM on Saturday.

Sunday, June 23, 2024 12:00 AMSunday, June 23, 2024 2:00 AM
(5-7PM Las Vegas Time)

You don’t need to RSVP to this meetup. Just show up! For travel and hotel discounts, and to register, please visit the official FlightSimExpo website.

Need more reasons to join us?

  • We just might have an aircraft in development for you to try 👀
  • We’ll be giving away 1-month subscriptions to folks who show up at the booth
  • We’re planning some competitions at the booth
  • Jason and Chris McGonnegle from Sporty’s Pilot Shop will be announcing a great new partnership between Sporty’s and Infinite Flight.

See you in Vegas!


Cya guy’s soon!!!


Won’t be going but have fun you all

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See you in Vegas! :)


you’ll definitely catch me here! Drinks at my place after!


Unfortunately I can’t attend this meetup. But for those who are going, have the BEST TIME! And someone who is going, show me the aircraft being shown please 🗿👀


I don’t know if i’m allowed to do so…

I won’t be coming of course so I wish everyone else a good time there. Looks like a fun expo to be at.

Why wouldn’t you be allowed to take pictures? 🤨

Sadly won’t be able to come as school lets out then. Wishing the best to everyone there!

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@NvAviator Its your time


Nice event @jasonrosewell !!will definitely be there 🎉🥳


Can’t make that one but will be at Yyz instead.

Unfortunately I’ll be unable to attend this year, but for those of you that do make it, have a fantastic time. Talking from past experience, it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet other members of the community and put faces to names.


don’t wanna be the IF whistleblower


Are little kids allowed bc I will prob go with my lil bro. I’m in Vegas when this is happening so might attend idk

This is truly awsome, can’t wait!

Can’t wait to attend! Last time I attended a FlightSimExpo was back in 2018 when it was in Vegas with the TBM-930 in development.

Would love to attend as i never really attended any of the IF related events or this, but i wont be back in the US till july!

Yes, if you’re both registered for the event, you can both attend the meetup. It’s all-ages.

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