FlightSimExpo 2023 - Anyone going?

Hello, everyone!

I’m wondering if anyone is planning on attending FlightSimExpo this year in Houston, TX. We’ll make an official announcement at some point but Infinite Flight is registered! We’d love to see you there and as is our custom, we’ll hold a community meet-up. It would be good to get a sense of whether it would be best to hold that on Friday or Saturday night.

So who’s coming?!


Looks great!

I would love to but I can’t as I will have just finished my first year of Uni at that point and will be moving into my new flat around then.


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I’d love to, but I’m probably going to be wrapping up my summer trip to London at the time FlightSimExpo happens.

The tentative plan is to spend 2 weeks in the United Kingdom, to finish seeing everything that I wanted to see last summer but didn’t get to see (i.e. Stonehenge, the rest of London, etc.) Might even venture into Wales and Scotland, who knows? 🤔

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you best know I’ll be there!

Maybe. We’ll see if I can make it. Wish it was back in Vegas

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