FlightSimExpo 2021 Events on Infinite Flight

This update (21.5) will be the best thing ♥️

No one knows what will happen and 21.7 (if it exists) is most likely still far away as the next update is 21.5.

Let’s remain on topic please and avoid speculating about future updates. Keep an eye on social media pages of Infinite Flight as that is where they’ll announce in work in progress (WIP) information and features being worked on for future updates.

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Great! I live in San Diego so I’ll love to start there!

Also I’ll be on the right time zone 😄

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forgive me for posting this comment

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This’ll be fun

Definitely going to be there

Definitely skipping band to fly out there if I can get plane tickets lol.

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Can’t wait to fly!!!

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ill be at that casual server one flying circles around KONT

like the goodyear blimp does lol

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I will be there. It’s only a 15-minute drive for me.

That sounds awesome! Really cool!

Can’t wait


Im definitely coming! Couldn’t miss it. I’ll be in a Delta a330 neo ^^

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Cool and welcome to the IFC. My pm box is always open if you need any help

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What time does is start anyone know ??

The festivities will begin 2021-09-24T05:00:00Z with the FNF (this time will appear in your local time zone).


I’m gonna come big, Coming from Queen Alia International Airport with a Royal Jordanian B787-8 Dreamliner!

Pumped for this one Misha!

Imagine if someone is 1 xp and 1 landing away from reaching expert server. p a i n

Then they could just get that 1 xp and landing and then join the event lol