FlightSimExpo 2021 Events on Infinite Flight

From the 24th - 26th of September, FlightSimExpo 2021 continues its fantastic yearly event, bringing flight simulation lovers from across the world together. Our team won’t be at the event in person this year due to the continuing travel restrictions in place, however we are putting on a full weekend of special events for all to join. All you need is your device, an Infinite Flight Pro subscription, and a desire to have a whole lot of fun!

For more information on this year’s FSE, head to their website below.


Event One - Friday 24th September

Our first event of the weekend will be a Friday Night Flight, with a focus on San Diego throughout. This event allows pilots to fly in or out of a set selection of airports for a 24 hour period. Full-service by trained ATC will be available where possible on the Expert Server, with community groups staffing stations on our Training Server.

Event Two - Saturday 25th September

Saturday will focus on a Casual Server event. This will be a fun fast-paced event, with no rules in place for pilots. We’ll race around the San Diego area, with the event being called ‘Whacky Racing’. You’ll be able to fly a fighter jet in ways you would not be able to on our Expert and Training Servers!

For those on the Expert Server, IFATC will be given a set airport list for this day too, with San Diego being kept as the key airport, and all other airports changing from the day before.

Event Three - Sunday 26th September

Event three will be an Expert Server Flash Flight flying out of San Diego. You’ll need to have flown on Infinite Flight before and reached Grade 3 to fly this event, however, if you’re new, feel free to buddy up and fly the same route on the Casual Server!


No arrivals authorized at San Diego (KSAN) on Sunday, September 26th, between 1430Z and 1600Z for the Flash Flight fly-out to Denver.

All arrivals will be directed to divert and should land at KLAX which will remain staffed to accommodate local inbound diversions.

Always review active NOTAMs (identified by a red ring) for latest airport information.


We’ll be streaming these events over on our Twitch or YouTube channels. You can see yourself live, or simply tune in to watch the action if you can’t make the event. It’s free, and we’d love to see you there!


Lovely! Can’t wait to fly these routes


Thanks for sharing Misha. 🙂


Lovely! Can’t wait!


This sounds like a blast :)

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Wow KSAN is really going to be poppin on that weekend


YAAAY! I get a chance to have my 15 seconds of fame on world sim expo stage!😊


so if I participate in these events will I have a good chance of appearing on stream and becoming famous?

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Thanks misha can’t wait!

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Cant wait to fly these routes

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This is going to be tons of fun.

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I hope that next year it will be possible for the IF team to attend this event.


This is awesome! Looking forward to these events


This is going to be a whole lot of fun and thanks so much to everyone that is organising the festivities.

I can finally attend FlightSimExpo like I’ve been trying to for years… well virtually at least!


Awesome! Thanks so much for posting this… Looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun! 😎


As someone who has attended FSE, it is sad to miss out IF this year but I am glad to see these events. Hopefully next year we can see IF attend.


Can’t wait! This is going to be a lot of fun!

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Epic, but just wondering, how do I disable announcement notifications?

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Hey mate,

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Hope this helps you out mate and hope this is what you’re looking for.



Wow KSAN id about to be as busy as it was pre-global - the good ol’ days.