FlightSimExpo 2020 | Las Vegas, NV

It costs so much from Sydney to Vegas so looks like I won’t be going

Ah, that’s a shame, I can’t make it. That’s right when I got my exams. Would’ve loved to join next year 😑


Same here Marc - cannot go. For those who do please have fun!

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Plan on the sneed family being there! A nice compromise for the wife after last years expo 😂. Can’t wait to see everyone again. I am willing to drive for waffle house, just saying. So much to do in Vegas the T-bird museum, the Nellis petting zoo aka Threat warfare training center (hands on fun). Can not wait!! See y’all in Vegas!


Sadly I won’t be able to come this year had a really fun time last year hope it’s closer to me next year. It would cost around $3,000 for me to go round trip tickets on United for two people are a little over a thousand. I do hope to see great photos of what is to come to infinite flight.

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Nellis is the reason I would go. Basically new Fightertown USA 💪🏻👍🏻🤙🏻


Stop by in Tampa for us, please.


Josh if I end up in Tampa I just quit 😂.

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Delta, Southwest, and WestJet are all offering promos ranging from 3-20% off your tickets if you use the appropriate codes found on FSExpo’s website. Should be near the bottom.

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Still not good of a deal! Josh make it more…

Unless you want your stomach to wage war on your ability to keep your food down, I’d remain well clear of it.

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Really wish I could make it. Unfortunately it would be super hard to squeeze in a Vegas trip right around finals and graduation :/

Considering either FS2020 or Cosford. Considering prices across the pond are cheap, might end up being the latter.


Ah, i see 😂

This will be my first time out to Vegas for FSExpo and like everyone else here, I’m pumped. We’ll all have to go grab In-N-Out Burger on one of the days and show you guys how us Californians do it! I assure you, you’re in for a real treat!

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Was so excited to go until I saw LAX-LAS for $200RT…

Hehehehe this is like a road trip for me I’m from California!!!

Or, you could shell out roughly $41 (calculated using average gas prices and MPG of the average car) to drive the four hours to Vegas. Just depends on how badly you want to go. ;)

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Try the nearby BUR-LAS

Just use a buddy pass from me 🤣

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