FlightSimExpo 2020 | Las Vegas, NV

Get your party poppers out! The wonderful organizers of FSExpo have finalized their decision and settled on a venue for the next exhibition. As always, this thread will be updated and consolidated with more information as the time draws closer.

When and Where?

June 12-14, 2020 at the Tropicana Las Vegas hotel.

  • 3801 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 - about a mile south of 2018’s location at the Flamingo.

Event Registration

Relevant Sites/Pricing

Tropicana Las Vegas

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The Vegas Experience

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Attendee Documents

  • Respond to this form ONLY if you are planning to attend.



(FYI, steer clear of the Flamingo buffet. You guys will thank me later).


Had to repost because of a stupid thing with Discourse. Anyways, here’s the latest update from the team behind the show.

A lot of useful information in here. Take a look! Also, if you’ve got the money, some of these sponsorship opportunities might be up your alley. ;)


Can’t wait to go for a third time and see all the old and new faces. There better be a waffle house nearby.

For those on the fence - highly recommend. So much to do and so little time. Lots of people to meet and friendships to be made.


Nearest one is in Phoenix. Sorry. :(

Hash House is the closest substitute, but I’m not eager to try picking at their portions again…


Can’t wait for this FSExpo.

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Can’t wait! Hope I can gather up enough money to fly out to LV. Unfortunately, Flying from Ottawa isn’t that cheap.



Plans to be there again. Had a fun time Last Year and living in Vegas is helpful


I might actually be able to come! This isn’t too bad in DL comfort plus…
🤞I can make it.

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Ah, man! I can’t make it. I have an event with CAP that ends on the 10th of June. Plus, I don’t know if my parents would allow me into any hotel in Las Vegas (I don’t blame them) 😂

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1200$ yeah not happening! :( R.I.P Dreams!

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@Danman you need to gather up your fellow Canadians in here and figure out a cost savings plan.


I mean what could a little trip do?

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Currently choosing between going to either this or the Artemis 1 Launch in November possibly, because of budget stuff, so I’m kinda undecided


@JoshFly8 It might be the cost of living? Most cause it’s the start of the high season which starts in June to September! :)

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Artemis 1. Chances are they’ll be another FSE next year. Artemis 2 does not happen until 2022-23.


Hmm. I might have to make my way out there if I can get the time off…

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WOW! I legit stayed in this very hotel when I was on holiday in Vegas last year.

Time to go back there…if my parents let me…

Luckily the prices are too hefty:


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Why not? (I need to satisfy my cheeky curiosity)


Planning on making another appearance! Saving up for a flight and I’m almost there!


I’m planning on being there all the way from Australia! Can’t wait to meet whoever will be in attendance. Will be a fun time!